One platform - two load classes

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Two profiles, one philosophy: a universal cabinet concept.

The design of VARISTAR is based on a welded frame construction. Its modular conception, based on two load classes, ensures the highest flexibility on a single platform. Intricate-shaped robust steel profiles are at its core, allowing the greatest range of applications

Two profiles with different cross-sections cater for two principal sets of requirements:


The narrower Slim-Line profile is constructed to IEC 61587-1 for an installed load of up to 400 kg and conforms to the dimensions of the European Telecom Standard (ETS). Should the 19" standard be required, however, alternative panel mounts provide the perfect fit.
  • Maximum width for installations
  • Static load-carrying capacity up to 400 kg, tested to IEC 61587-1
  • Fulfils IEC 60297-3-100 (19")
  • Fulfils IEC 60917-2-2 (hard metric)
  • Internal and external dimensions to ETS 300 119-2/3


The robust Heavy-Duty profile has a larger crosssection and can accept up to 800 kg installed load while conforming to IEC 61587-1. Specially designed for use in high-demand situations, it offers the greatest stability even in extreme environmental conditions including shock, vibration and even earthquakes.
  • Maximum stability
  • Static load-carrying capacity up to 800 kg, tested to IEC 61587-1
  • Fulfils IEC 60297-3-100 (19")
  • Excellent earthquake resistance (Bellcore Zone 3 without reinforcement, Zone 4 with reinforcing brackets)

Combine the two versions as you wish.

Since the external dimensions of both frames are identical, you can place them together without problems. All accessories and cladding parts such as doors, side and rear panels, top covers and base plates may be used with both frame versions. With VARISTAR, no wish need be ignored. One product platform for all applications, with a universal design.

Three mounting areas in one profile.

Grid holes, mounting groove and 45 form: VARISTAR unites three different mounting areas in a single profile - convincingly. These unique combinations allow assembly and accessory parts to be fitted quickly and simply, inside as well as outside. And best of all: individual requirements can be realised economically and without complication, since the frame does not usually need modification.

VARISTAR: Datacom cabinet - Server cabinet - Electronics cabinet - EMC shielded - Protection up to IP 55