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  • Cost-effective: the design avoids intensive frame treatments
  • Long life: since it is mounted directly onto the frame, the EMC gasket is not moved
  • Better shielding performance: the innovative shielding directly through the cladding achieves performances of 60 dB at 1 GHz and 40 dB at 3 GHz
  • Capable: EMC test certificates for various cabinet configurations
  • Well protected: protection up to IP 55

Decidedly different: the VARISTAR IP/EMC solution.

   The better the electromagnetic shielding of an empty electronics cabinet, the more versatile are its application possibilities. And the earlier the subject of EMC is taken into consideration in the design process, the more competitive will be the enclosure in terms of its price-to-performance ratio. In earlier designs, conductive seals were fitted between the frame and the cladding, requiring that all contact points be conductive and protected from corrosion. With VARISTAR such shielding methods, which were frequently expensive, are a thing of the past.
  • 1. Frame
  • 2. Gasket
  • 3. Conductive surface / shielding
  • 4. Rear panel
  • 5. Side panel

VARISTAR HF shielding: twice as good.

The frame profiles are surrounded by a surface set at 45°, fitted with conductive textile gaskets. Thus all cladding parts are electrically connected to one another, and induced interference currents flow automatically away via the surfaces. This design principle pays off in two ways: you profit from more effective shielding, yet require none of the costly surface treatment of the frame.

Custom HF shielding.

VARISTAR offers you a solution approach in which everything has truly been thought out. Thus, for example, a special equipped fan top cover and perforated doors ensure reliable cooling of the shielded cabinet. Even for the cable management there are tailored standard solutions such as base plates with cable entries or short doors. And best of all, even in the most diverse cabinet configuration, VARISTAR performs with the highest shielding effectiveness. And that holds true even for fully tailor-made solutions.

VARISTAR EMC test results (IEC 61587-3):
  • VARISTAR with solid steel door: 60 dB bei 1 GHz
  • VARISTAR with perforated door: 40 dB bei 1 GHz
  • VARISTAR with fan top cover: 55 dB bei 1 GHz
  • VARISTAR with cable entry in base plate: 45 dB bei 1 GHz
  • VARISTAR with solid steel door: 40 dB bei 3 GHz
  • VARISTAR with perforated door: 30 dB bei 3 GHz

The perfect complement: IP protection and HF shielding.

   Electronic devices must frequently function reliably for years under often extreme environmental conditions such as temperature fluctuations or the presence of hazardous chemicals. Additionally, the entry of moisture or foreign bodies such as dirt or dust particles must be prevented. VARISTAR meets these requirements with the option of protection up to IP 55. The HF gasket is simultaneously a protection against dust and water to IP 55. The gasket material is perfectly fitted to the frame.

Reliability and RoHS

The VARISTAR cabinet range is developed and manufactured in accordance with international standards. It satisfies general reliability aspects to IEC 60950 and the material-related RoHS regulations. For the best compromise between conductivity and long-term corrosion protection, steel parts were often yellow chromated in the past. To meet the RoHS requirements that came into force on 1 July 2006 Schroff has introduced compliant surface finish as standard.
Plastics used in VARISTAR for locks, handles and accessories conform to the self-extinguishing class V-0 in accordance with UL 94 (IEC 60695-2-2).


Innovative locking system.

   The locking system also contributes to both IP protection and HF shielding. An innovative locking bar accepts a variable number of latches above and below the handle that can be positioned according to the cabinet height. The result: absolutely even compression of the gaskets. When the locking bar is activated, the latches move in the opposite direction, thus largely balancing out the frictional forces. The benefits are clear: the doors can be closed simply, accurately and with an absolute seal.

VARISTAR: Datacom cabinet - Server cabinet - Electronics cabinet - EMC shielded - Protection up to IP 55