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  • Slim-Line frame: 400 kg to IEC 61587, 19" and/or ETS
  • Heavy-Duty frame: 800 kg to IEC 61587, earthquake-resistant
  • Shock resistant: tested to IEC 61587-2: 5 g
  • Vibration resistant: tested to IEC 61587-2: 1 g
  • Earthquake resistant: tested to IEC, NEBS and MIL

Shock and vibration resistance.

VARISTAR has been designed with high physical stresses in mind. Of particular importance in this respect is the transverse strength of the frame. The specially developed hollow-chamber profile achieves the DL5 and DL6 requirement classes for static and dynamic loads, and thus also the highest shock and vibration resistance to IEC 61587-1, with minimal material outlay.

Shock and vibration stresses such as occur in railway equipment, road signalling equipment and where situated close to rotating machines.

Stresses such as occur on merchant ships and in lowdemand military installations.

VARISTAR test results:
  • Installed load: 150 kg
  • Shock: Maximum acceleration 5 g, duration 11 ms
  • Vibration: from 5 to 100 Hz
  • Acceleration: DL5: 5 m/s (0.5 g); DL6: 10 m/s (1 g)
Stability far beyond the standard.
Beside the requirements set by the IEC standard, customer-specific configurations with installed loads of above 400 kg were also satisfactory in tests for shock, vibration and earthquake resistance.

Excellent earthquake resistance.

In dynamic tests for stability in earthquake conditions, the VARISTAR Heavy-Duty proved its suitability for worldwide use. The seismic tests, carried out under IEC 61587-2, certify the cabinet platform's earthquake resistance up to Bellcore Zone 3. By further reinforcing the cabinet frame with small corner brackets, earthquake resistance is assured up to Bellcore Zone 4.

VARISTAR test results:
  • Installed load: 250 kg
  • Acceleration: Bellcore Zone 3: 3 g, 1 Hz - 5 Hz
  • Acceleration: Bellcore Zone 4: 5 g, 2 Hz - 5 Hz
Earthquake test
    Earthquake test X-axis

Earthquake test Y-axis

Earthquake test Z-axis

Test reports as PDF-file

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