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Cold Aisle Containment

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Cold Aisle Containment?

By arranging the cabinets into so-called 'warm' and 'cold' aisles, the warm and cold air is strictly separated. Via a false floor the cold air is introduced from below into a cold aisle from where the electronic devices are provided with cold air. The cold air flows through the cabinets and transports the dissipated heat from the servers. Hot air is expelled at the rear of the cabinet and can be removed for example by an air conditioning system.

Cold Aisle Containment avoids hot air short circuits, thus improving the efficiency of the cooling system considerably and therewith contributing to energy cost savings.

Cold Aisle Containment can be implemented with most existing cabinet infrastructures:


VARISTAR: Datacom cabinet - Server cabinet - Electronics cabinet - EMC shielded - Protection up to IP 55