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  • Robust: proven mechanical design for mobile applications
  • Secure: shock and vibration resistant to DL6 in accordance with IEC 61587-1 and IEC 60068-2-6
  • Extra security: additional protection with optional shock absorbers
  • Shielded:: exceptional shielding characteristics as standard: 60 dB for 1 GHz, 40 dB for 3 GHz
  • Immensely variable: individual configuration thanks to modular platform


  • Schrank (IP 55) für extreme Seismic und mobile Anforderungen (mit Schockabsorbern)
  • Gestestet nach MIL-STD-901D; EMC Schutz (60 db bei 1 GHz, 40 db bei 3 GHz
  • Zweifach Schutz gegen Korrosion, verzinkt und pulverbeschichtet


Stability for mobile conditions.

Whether it be road or rail, passengers or goods, traffic and transport planning or guidance systems and traffic management systems, today's efficient modern traffic engineering without electronics is unthinkable. And for situations in which electronic systems require a particularly high level of protection, VARISTAR is the best choice.
    Vibration-proof and shock resistant.

These characteristics are of special importance where cabinets are employed on ships, aircraft and rail-based vehicles. Both VARISTAR profiles, Slim-Line and Heavy-Duty, protect their electronic systems with their high mechanical stability and dynamic load-carrying capacity to the very degree that your application requires, thus making an important contribution to the safe and trouble-free functioning of the overall system.

Two 'top form' profiles.


The specially developed hollow-chamber Slim-Line profile meets the requirement classes DL5 and DL6 for dynamic loading in accordance with IEC 61587-1 with minimum material outlay; and does so with installed loads of up to 400 kg.

The robust Heavy-Duty frame was especially constructed for high load-carrying applications. Thanks to its higher rigidity it meets the requirement classes DL5 and DL6 in accordance with IEC 61587-1 while accepting loads of up to 800 kg. Dynamic tests verify earthquake protection to Zone 4.

VARISTAR: Datacom cabinet - Server cabinet - Electronics cabinet - EMC shielded - Protection up to IP 55