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Why to choose VARISTAR?

A solution as diverse as your requirements.
The more complex your requirements are, the more you can justifiably expect from an electronics cabinet. And yet the technical requirements of one application may be entirely different to those of another. It is good to know then, that there is a cabinet solution that is ready to meet all the requirements of the market. In a single platform VARISTAR offers the highest functionality along with unlimited adaptability. This allows your projects to be quickly and efficiently realised.

Efficient in all dimensions.
A wealth of technical innovations, the carefully designed complete concept and the use of high-performance materials have led systematically towards our goal: an infinitely variable, extremely efficient and amazingly universal electronics cabinet system that offers more than others do and also helps you to reduce project costs.

Impressively well equipped.
Every day VARISTAR impressively demonstrates its quality and safety in even the most demanding environments. Whether it is climatic or physical extremes, whether it is seismic or electromagnetic factors that try to test it to its limits: VARISTAR's outstanding characteristics allow it to effortlessly meet project requirements even in situations where, without it, only costly custom solutions would be suitable. VARISTAR is strong on both economy and performance at the same time. Its technical parameters are proof of this.

VARISTAR: Datacom cabinet - Server cabinet - Electronics cabinet - EMC shielded - Protection up to IP 55